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Employment: 2018, French confidence at the highest level for 2 years

While employment is at its highest level in France since the 1980s and INSEE expected astabilization of the unemployment rate to 8.9%by mid-2018, what do the French really think of the market? employment and the economic situation?

Labor market: renewed confidence of candidates and very positive prospects

Today, 58% of candidates consider that the French job market is good , an increase of almost 59% (34pts) compared to the same period in 2016 and 43% (25pts) compared to 2017. By Elsewhere, respondents are particularly confident as they are 65% to anticipate the improvement of the labor market by the end of the year whereas they were only 37% to show such an optimistic in 2016.

In 2016, the interim figures, positive for several months, foreshadowed a market improvement in the short term. However, the resumption of growth needed to create sustainable jobs was slow in coming. A situation that was reflected largely in the results of our barometer, which indicated only 24% of French optimistic about the labor market two years ago. In the course of 2017, a slight increase of optimism made its appearance, in the wake of the presidential election in France. The candidates were more optimistic about both the situation and the situation in the next 6 months. The growth figures announced (beyond the fateful 1.7%, allowing job creation) for 2018 allowed this renewed confidence. In fact, between June 2017 and June 2018, growth and the recovery of investments in particular led to employment.

2018: with the return of full employment, executives are particularly optimistic

In the executive market, we thus find full employment (unemployment rate below 4%) and APEC forecasts remain very positive for 2019 despite an anticipated slowdown in growth.An improvement of the situation very widely perceived since today nearly 63% of executives consider that the labor market is good (against 55% of non-managers). An optimist found that seems to be there to last as they are even 70% to anticipate an improvement in the labor market in the next 6 months (against 59% of non-executives).